Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cricket 14 Roster for EA Sports Cricket 07 by A2 Studios Download Free


Cricket 14 roster for EA Sports Cricket 07 by A2 Studios Download free!  
if you are getting face bugs in recently released ODI roster then download facepack which is released with this Test14 facepack. all bugs are fixed. both ODI and Test 14 facepacks are same. we will continue to update facepack with new faces. enjoy roster with faces. compatible with AC's 256 HD BP 1. Download AC's 256 HD BP(password: 256hd) - Download here Note: If you are already using this Batpack then no need of installing this again. if you are seeing this time then you will have to install this. 2. Test14 roster - Download

ODI14 roster- Download

  3. XML file(if you are not getting faces then install that in your root directory). - Download

  4. facepack for ODI and Test roster(fixed) - Download

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