Tuesday, 10 June 2014

IPL 7 Patch 2014 Complete Sponsor Set Cricket 07 Download | A2 Studios


Pepsi IPL 7 Patch Pitchad, Stumps & Side Ads for Pepsi IPL 7 Play Hard Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007 Released. This is an updated version of Pepsi IPL 7 Graphics Set which also includes side ads sponsors. Previous version of IPL 2014 Pitchad & stumps were quickly released, they were not up to the mark, So had to release this new update to the previous Graphics set!
The high quality Sponsor set is worth downloading!

Preview of Pepsi IPL 7 Patch Sponsor Set

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Download Pepsi IPL 7 Patch Sponsor Set

Download Pepsi IPL 7 Stumps
Download Pepsi IPL 7 Pitchad+Side ads
(Install Stumps first, then Pitchad+Side ads, if you are facing 'Missing Textures' error)
Credits to Parvez for allowing us use his new Sponsor Set O Model.

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