Tuesday, 12 August 2014

DLF IPL 4 Patch Cricket Fever for EA Sports Cricket 07 Download Free


A2 Studios releases first ever IPL Patch for its Cricket 07 fans. Download Now DLF IPL 4 The Cricket Fever Patch for EA Sports Cricket 07. This patch is a revolution in Cricket 07 gaming arena! With Accurate kits, stadiums, logos, overlays and squads, this patch fulfills all gaming needs and wants of IPL fans. So give it a try. Download the Patch below. Must read out the instructions given below!

A² Studios Team
Ahad [kits, faces, Logos, Menu & Misc]
Addy [Stadiums, Fixtures, Graphics Set & Misc]
Biggy [Roster]
Charu [IPL facepack]
Shaharyar [Assigned the IPL faces]
MattW [TV Overlay]
Special Thanks to;
Zaxotes, for allowing to use his brilliant IPL teams 3d logos for Stadiums' Scoreboard & Electronic Screen.
Kandy422, modified his default c07 crowd into IPL Crowd.

Download DLF IPL 4 The Cricket Fever Patch:

Step 1. Install Zaxwillows 150 Batpack (must) in your Cricket 07
Step 2. Download & Install DLF IPL 4 Patch.exe
Step 3. Download & Install DLF IPL 4 Roster

A² Studios' IPL 4 "The Cricket Fever": SCREENSHOTS GALLERY

NOTE: We have not included any BatPack, You'll have to install ZaxWillows Batpack first. For your ease I have provided the links below in INSTALLATION instructions.
I N S T A L L A T I O N :
MUST MUST MUST Follow These steps, if you want your game to work properly. Else Don't complaint about Errors!
  • Downloaded All 6 RAR Files & keep them into the same Directoy of your choice, & Extract them.
  • Run "IPL4PATCH.EXE" and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.
  • Download & Install "ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 150 Batpack".
  • Copy "IPL4.ros" Folder which is included with the IPL4Patch.exe & Paste in "EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07" located in My Documents.
  • In game, Load the "IPL4.ros" first, & start playing Realistic IPL-4 Patch!
A D D I T I O N A L - I N F O R M A T I O N :
1. The "A² Studios' IPL-4.RAR" COntains:
- IPL4PATCH.EXE: [Needs to be installed first]
- IPL4.ROS : [Look for 5th Step In the INSTALLATION Section]
- PLAYOFFS Folder: [This folder contains the Chennai Stadium & umpires kit for playoffs, Copy all the files from the folder & paste in you Cricket 07 root Directory only when, you've qualified for the Final, for realistic Final Environment.]
2. After You've installed the IPL4PATCH.EXE, you'll find two folders in your main cricket 2007 folder
- Blue Menu FOlder [By default we have included the Orange Menu, But if you want to have blue menu, Copy the .FSH file from that folder & paste in your Cricket 2007 Main Directory.]
- Umpire kits [By default we have included Red umpire Kit, but if you want to have black kit, Copy the .FSH file from that folder & paste in your Cricket 2007 Main Directory.]

After Launching the Game, Load the Roster First, then Go to
Set the Fixtures as "2006" & Overs "20" > Select User Team > Start Playing IPL-4!

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