Wednesday, 23 March 2016

PSL T20 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket 07 Download Here


Here is the most awaited HBL Pakistan Super League T20 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007. So Here is A2 Studios HBL Pakistan Super League T20 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07! A2 studios HBL PSL T20 Patch 2016 for Cricket 07 Download free. This Patch will contain latest up to date Kits, Stadiums, Logos, Overlays, Bats, Roster/Squad of all 5 Participant teams. PSL T20 2016 Patch is the 1st iteration of A2 Studios PSL Patches.

Download HBL Pakistan Super League T20 2016 patch for EA Sports Cricket 07

Download here:- PSL T20 2016 Patch 

How to install PSL T20 2016 patch for Cricket 07?

Just download all the parts from the links given above. There are three folders included in this patch. After Downloading install them as mentioned below:
  1. You must have EA Sports Cricket 07 Full PC Game Installed!
  2. Game Files Copy all the files from "Game Files" folder and paste them to Cricket 07 Folder. Which contains Cricket07.exe, Data, Audio and Supports folders.
  3. My Documents This folder contains "EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07" folder. Copy it and paste it in your computers My Documents. Replace existing files/folders.
  4. Desktop Copy new Cricket07.exe and paste it on your PC Desktop or any folder of your choice. Run it for launching the game. It will ask you first time for your Cricket 07 path (means where is cricket07 installed in your pc)


MUST MUST MUST Follow These steps, if you want your game to work properly, without having any error! 1. Extract the downloaded RAR File "A2 Studios' Pepsi IPL-8 Unleashed Patch" to any Directoy of your choice. 2. Run "PATCH.EXE" and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory. 3. Download & Install "AC™256 HD Batpack". here is the link : "" (Password: 265hd) 4. Copy "PSL.ros" Folder & Paste in "EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07" located in My Documents. 5. In game, Load the "PSL.ros" first, & start playing PSL T20 2016 Patch!

A2 Studios PSL T20 2016 Patch Features

  • LATEST kits assigned correctly for ALL the PSL teams (5).
  • All PSL team logos added (HD)
  • All PSL stadiums modified and created!
  • Roster with real names + transfers updated!
  • HD Pitchads, stumps and outfields!
  • All new faces added and realistically assigned!
  • Genuine fixtures – the reality and the game, there’s no discrimination!
  • 256 HD BATS correctly assigned to the players who own their bat!
  • Realistic gameplay – no hitting sixes every ball.

Patch Screenshots:

IMG-20160323-WA0007 PSL 2016 Overlay Overlay-Menu-Previews Gfx Set Previews FB_IMG_1458739629899 IMG-20160323-WA0009 IMG-20160323-WA0010

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  4. Working link here (This is A2 Studios Patch with Roster + How to install Readme):-

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  6. The game is open and when toss option given the game is close

  7. Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2017 !!!!!

  8. ""
    Password given above 265hd to unlock file isn't working to download AC™256 HD Batpack for PSL T20 2016.
    Kindly someone comment below unlocked link for downloading AC™256 HD Batpack .

  9. sir its difficult for me to find files plz give me all links to run game plz....... psl 16

  10. sir its difficult for me to find files plz give me all links to run game plz....... psl 16


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