Saturday, 28 May 2016

Vivo IPL 2016 Jukebox Music Patch for Cricket 07 Download


Tired of old menu music? want to listen something fresh Vivo IPL 2016 Team anthems in EA Sports Cricket 07? You have come at the right place. A2 Studios brings all new Vivo IPL 2016 'Jukebox' Music Patch for EA Sports Cricket 07 fans. This music patch will rock and make you roll, we guarantee you! Installation is not tough job. Just download the patch and extract to your Cricket 07 root directory.
Got any questions, post in comments.

Download Here: Vivo IPL 2016 Jukebox Patch for Cricket 07
Screenshot of Jukebox Songs/Anthems:
a2 studios Vivo IPL 2016 jukebox patch music patch cricket 07

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