Sunday, 1 May 2016

Vivo IPL 9 T20 Slog fest 2016 Patch for Cricket 07 a2 Studios Download

EA Sports Cricket fans are you looking for Vivo IPL 9 "T20 Slog fest" 2016 Patch for Cricket 07? Yes you have come to the right place. Download here the most anticipated, the most high profile t20 Patch for your favourite Video Cricket game, EA SPORTS Cricket 07. This patch changes the whole look of Cricket 07 with real kits, team logos, new updated squads and line ups of all Vivo IPL 9 Teams for 2016 Edition, realistic Overlay and pause menu, best modeled stadiums by legendary modders, main menu graphics, ultimate gaming experience, standing pitchads and blinking type flashing bails and stumps and much much more! Words would not do justice to the hype is created for this years Mega IPL Mela. This years IPL patch has been named the slogan of "T20 Slog fest". The name is quality so is the brand!

Download here: Vivo IPL 9 T20 Slog fest 2016 Patch for Cricket 07 

How to install Vivo IPL 9 t20 Slog Fest 2016 Patch

  1. You must have EA Sports Cricket 07 video game in your personal computer.
  2. Download & install AC 256 HD Batpack (Password : 256hd) in EA Sports Cricket 07 Installed folder (Must install this Batpack, otherwise your game will crash and "Async load of .fsh" error will show)
  3. Download Vivo IPL 9 T20 Slog fest 2016 Patch for Cricket 07.RAR FILE
  4. Extract downloaded Patch Rar file anywhere in your computer.
  5. Run 'Vivo-IPL-9-Patch.EXE' install it in EA Sports Cricket 07 Installed Folder.
  6. Copy 'A2IPL9.ROS' FOLDER (not the file inside it)
  7. Paste 'A2IPL9.ROS' FOLDER in 'C:\Users\XYZ\Documents\EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07'
  8. Run you Game Cricket07.exe
  9. Go to My Cricket > Load/Save > Load roster > 'A2IPL9.ROS'
  10. Go to Games Modes > Domestic > Indian Domestic > Vivo IPL 9 > Choose 2016 Fixtures & 20 overs. Start Playing!

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  1. Cant download the is not opening

  2. no link only.... all facebook links

  3. Where to Download "Vivo IPL 9 T20 Slog fest 2016 Patch for Cricket 07.RAR FILE" from? give us link !

  4. no download link please fix these

  5. Fake patch. bullshit theres no link to download the patch bloody freaks,

  6. the game not released yet so that you all get theproblem

  7. Hey guys though I'm not a modder, I have a working link to download Vivo IPL 09.. The link is http;// Though at first it shows as IPL 08, It's actually Vivo IPL 09... Enjoy guys

    Download patch with this link.. enjoy

  9. full slog fest

  10. a2 Studios,

    Can't wait to download. Love this game. Great customer segmentation done here.


  11. My stroke variation patch is not running. Stroke variation.exe is not runni plz can you give me any solution

  12. Too many advertisement on this site, download same patches from without any advertisement in the Download links.